For the pasta dishes you can choose from a number of daily freshly made pastas and you get a piece of bread for the final sauce. If you want additional ingredients, garlic or spicy, please let us know.

Children up to 10 can compose a children's pasta or pizza dish.


All dishes are 100% made from natural raw materials.

All pasta and pizza dishes contain glutten. Our pasta and pizza bases contain no animal ingredients.

Just the compound meats and used mustard and Worcestershire sauce containing dicers E numbers.

Should you have any questions we will answer them gladly.

-Our new menu will be available shortly-


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Dinsdag t/m zaterdag van 12:00 tot 21:00 uur

Maandag en zondag van 15:00 tot 21:00 uur 

Nu ook weer op zondag open!

Restaurant sluit elke dag om 22:00 uur


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